Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How to Mount your Loud Bicycle Horn on a Recumbent Bike or Trike

The recumbent trike has been around since the mid-1800s and is a great choice for many cyclists. The low profile of a recumbent can help riders maintain high speeds, but it can make it hard for other road users to see the rider! Because our mission is to keep all cyclists safe, we designed our horns for recumbent riders too.

Recommended Mounting Options

Mount your Loud Bicycle horn behind the seat so as not to interfere with pedaling. The button should be mounted on the handlebar as usual. Because of the extra distance between the button and the horn in this setup, you'll need the button cable extension. The photo below features a Loud Mini horn on a Catrike Dumont recumbent trike. The button cable extension is shown at the right.

You can order the horn and extension package for the Classic and Mini with one click using these direct links: Loud Classic, Loud Mini.

Shout-out to Loud Bicycle customers Richard Hopley and Lenny Landau for riding awesome trikes and for sharing their photos with us!

Alternative Mounting Options

Some of our customers have gotten creative with mounting their horns. Recumbent cyclist Carl Kidd put together this video showing the positioning of his Loud Classic.

Our customer David Hartley mounted his Loud Mini on an ICE recumbent trike using extension arms he purchased on Amazon. The arrow points to the button. Thanks, David!

Customer Jeremy Smoler mounted his Loud Mini on a Cruzbike Silvio. He used a spare GoPro strap and a button extension cable. We love this mounting solution!

If you're having trouble mounting your horn on your recumbent trike (or other nontraditional bicycle) get in touch with us at info@loudbicycle.com

Happy Biking!


  1. The classic mounted on the yellow ICE trike will eventually fail in the rain. Trust me, I've fried both a classic and a mini by unthinkingly mounting them in that orientation. When turned that way the electronics are at the bottom and water pools on them - horn goes off until the battery runs down and then dies forever. The mini does the same thing if it's mounted with the horns at the top.

    Turn it over (so the horns face down) and everything is fine! I've mounted mine behind the seat of my Cruzbike S40 using a piece of aluminum mounted between the cross braces on the rear stays. I can send a photo if I know where to send it.

    The horn saves my life at least once a week - I love this thing!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! You are right - we just removed the picture of the ICE Trike with the Classic pointed up, definitely the incorrect orientation to keep it safe from the rain. Happy biking!

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