Saturday, August 12, 2017

How to Mount your Loud Bicycle Horn on a Folding Bike

What's not to love about a folding bike? It's elegant and makes storing and transporting your bike a breeze. Because our mission is to make biking safer for everyone, we're here to talk about how to mount a your horn on a folding bike.

Thanks to our amazing Loud Bicycle customers Anders Nygren, Davide Meneghetti‎, Kent Randolph, Moses Singer, Hartwig Leuer and Ty Smith, we know of multiple ways to attach a Loud Bicycle horn to a Brompton folding bike.

Recommended Strategy: Loud Mini

The strategy we recommend is brought to us by Moses Singer, who mounted his horn on the stem. This is the solution closest to a traditional mounting schema that we've seen. Moses used duct tape to make sure his horn doesn't knock against the stem while riding. Mounting it further off center is another good strategy. 

Recommended Strategy: Loud Classic

Kent found the one place that the Loud Classic could fit horizontally without getting in the way of folding. He said:
"I'm not using the extension yet - it just barely reaches without it, although I'm thinking of using it so I can move the trigger higher on the handle bars. It's louder than my car's horn!"

Alternative Solutions

Davide Meneghetti‎ took a different approach and mounted his Loud Classic to the stem. Although this method is less water-resistant (not ideal if you live in a rainy place), you don't need any extra materials to set it up, which is a plus!

Anders from Sweden found a clever solution. He said:
"I used the fastening holder from the smallest Brompton front bag modified it with a makeshift solution. The assembly is big but can be removed in an instant. I will use it in city traffic surroundings."
If you choose to go with Anders' solution you'll need a Brompton front bag attachment and a makeshift strap.

Ty Smith got pretty creative mounting his Loud Mini. With this method, your horn truly does not get in the way of folding! The Loud Mini here is actually resting on its side so as to not put too much stress on the mounting hardware. However, this method greatly reduces water resistance so it is not recommended for wet environments.

Finally, Hartwig Leuer mounted his Loud Mini upside-down using special third party mounting hardware! Although this is not a strategy we can officially recommend, we do encourage you to be creative and, ultimately, do what works best for you.

Have a success story about mounting your Loud Bicycle horn on your folding bike (or other nontraditional bike)? We'd love to hear about it! Drop us a line at

Happy biking!


  1. Was thrilled to come across this! Unfortunately I have the Loud Mini and am trying to figure out a spot to mount it to my Brompton. Any advice? Especially pictures? Thanks!

    1. Hi! We are working on a blog post with a few options for mounting the Mini on a Brompton. In the meantime here are two examples. Both need a little padding to work.
      This one is recommended
      But this one doesn't interfere with folding at all which is nice (but really requires support from the bottom

  2. What specialty mounting hardware did Hartwig use?