Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Meet Lewis the Traffic Droid

Two summers ago, the BBC reported that the number of people biking in London had reached a record high. With so many bikes out on the streets, you’d expect London to be a haven for cyclists. But although the city has taken measures to make cycling accessible and safe, cycling remains a hazardous mode of transportation. That’s why Londoners like Lewis are taking action.

Lewis is a long-time London resident and biker, and his commitment to keeping his city’s roads safe has turned him into a local celebrity. Lewis alerts drivers using his (loud) droid horn, a method he believes helps give cyclists equal status on the road:
"Drivers expect cyclists to ride by the curb like little kids. The moment you have a horn, you are on the same par as the driver."
We love what Lewis stands for, and we especially love the red card he pulls out on bad drivers:
“It’s a universal sign saying, ‘you fouled.’”
Watch Lewis as he talks about making use of red cards and his horn to keep himself and others safe on the road.

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