Thursday, May 28, 2015

Horn on a fat tube bicycle

Alexander Andreev, One clever customer from Moscow invented a way to attach his Loud Bicycle horn to a tube wider than 1.5 inches in diameter.

The plate which usually goes on the bottom is permanently mounted on the upper side of the tube with zip ties. The horn can then be removed separately.

Read Alexander's description below:
The obvious problem of thicker downtube was solved with zip ties but it turned out to be tricky as the downtube was thicker and ovalish at the front and then became less so in the middle. It caused even tight mounting to become loose as due to constant shakes and bumps the horn "creeped" lower and lower. I am not an "urban warrior" type of rider but occasional drops from pavement and small potholes are unavoidable.
So far the best results were to mount the horn bracket "inwards" and pass a lot of zip ties between it and the horn before tightening the screws. Also I placed a bit of rubber where zip ties touch the downtube. After tightening everything the horn sits pretty well, completely unmovable by hand. This is still testing setup, I plan to add more rubber and try metal ties. The horn seems to remain dismountable by unscrewing the bracket without cutting ties but I'll test it further.
Also I am still searching the perfect spot for the button. I don't like it directly on the grip as it reduces "grippable" surface and might cause accidental honks.
Just wanted to share this. Sorry for not so clean bike - Moscow winter is not pretty :)
We have to note that his bike is pretty decked out with that speaker system.

To complete the overview, here is where Alex keeps the button.

Good luck with your fitting and let us know if you have questions info at

Monday, May 18, 2015

Can using a car horn make a cyclist more courteous?

Cyclists have started hitting the streets with the Loud Bicycle car horn joining the ride. But how will the Loud Bicycle horn affect the way that people ride? The story that Kickstarter backer Glen Janken shared caught us by surprise.
I'm finding that the loud bicycle horn is actually making me a little more of a defensive rider. I really don't want to use it, it is very loud and can be kind of obnoxious. It is great to know that I have it available and when I have used it I found it to be very helpful. But not wanting to use it makes me think more as I'm riding of what the situation is and what I can do short of using the horn to prevent any problems. I did not expect this result. I think it is a good side effect.​
When I ride I wear a helmet, of course, a reflective yellow vest, I have two bright lights in the front, a super bright light in the back (which I use day time and night time), and lights on my wheels. The Loud Bicycle Horn kind of capped off my safety measures.
Glen commutes to work in Los Angeles, 13 miles roundtrip. Way to go Glen!

The Loud Bicycle horn is available only at the Loud Bicycle Store.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bike Week Bike Fridays Booth

Come check out Loud Bicycle in person at this coming Bike Fridays Bike Week event in Boston.
Hope to see you!

And in other news, our second batch of horns is in the warehouse, we finally have horns in stock!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The second batch of bike horns on its way

April has been an amazing month filled with some delays and a lot of hard work. We had to use a new supplier for the metal bar components and the products initially didn’t meet our tolerance requirements. We actually rebuilt all of the metal bars in under a week, and worked around the missing components so the challenge didn’t delay our completion date by too much.

You can see several photos from this production run here:

This photo shows the last step in assembly where horn's charge circuit is tested here for 10 minutes. Then the yellow jig at right is used to test the honking safely and in relative quiet to make sure each unit sounds like a proper car!

We are super excited to have horns in stock for the first time ready for quick shipment in just a few short weeks. As always if you have any questions send us an email

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Guide Every Urban Cyclist Should See

To ensure our customers know the basics of cycling safely and respectfully we include a guide in every box. Today, the first day of spring, we would like to share that guide with the greater cycling community. Please have a look and share it with the cyclists you know and love.

We believe that cycling should be fun and that safety should be a proactive endeavor; and riders can play the most active role. Our guide displays all the right things to do, without scary cartoon crashes that some other guides have.

A huge congratulations to Friendly Design Co. They took this project on as one of their own, working on both content and design. Special thanks to Alex Schab for contributing throughout the project.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Buillitt Cargo Bike Loud Horn Fitting

Loud Bicycle horns are a natural on cargo bicycles. Niels Faust from Germany mounted his horn discretely and elegantly on a beautiful Bullitt Clockwork Cargo bike so we wanted to share it with you. Wait for the end of the video to hear the horn ... and the echo!

From Niels:
loudest cargo bike ever - and fastest! :-)
The Bullitt Clockwork bike at the Umwelt- und Technikhof der Stadt Rendsburg

The horn nestled inside the cargo hold. Bolted upside down to an angled metal plate.

Drivers will be unsuspecting as the horn isn't visible from this air port.


Horn button routed using one cable extension up to the handlebars so you can honk while you brake and maneuver to avoid an accident. 

We are committed to supporting the needs of cyclists with cargo bikes. You can order the Loud bicycle horn and extension here, or return to the homepage for more information.

Happy biking!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Horn review for recumbent bicycles

We are excited to be featured in the upcoming Recumbent Bike Riders Community Hangout where backer Carl Kidd is going to be describing his experience so far using the Loud Bicycle horn.

Join the hangout live on Sun, Mar 1, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM by following this link:

For a preview take a look at the nice demonstration video he put together:

We are committed to supporting the needs of recumbent cyclists. We provide a button cable extensions which allow you to mount the horn in the optimal forward location and still keep the button right under your finger where it is safest.
You can order the Loud bicycle horn and extension here, or return to the homepage for more information.