Friday, March 20, 2015

The Guide Every Urban Cyclist Should See

To ensure our customers know the basics of cycling safely and respectfully we include a guide in every box. Today, the first day of spring, we would like to share that guide with the greater cycling community. Please have a look and share it with the cyclists you know and love.

We believe that cycling should be fun and that safety should be a proactive endeavor; and riders can play the most active role. Our guide displays all the right things to do, without scary cartoon crashes that some other guides have.

A huge congratulations to Friendly Design Co. They took this project on as one of their own, working on both content and design. Special thanks to Alex Schab for contributing throughout the project.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Buillitt Cargo Bike Loud Horn Fitting

Loud Bicycle horns are a natural on cargo bicycles. Niels Faust from Germany mounted his horn discretely and elegantly on a beautiful Bullitt Clockwork Cargo bike so we wanted to share it with you. Wait for the end of the video to hear the horn ... and the echo!

From Niels:
loudest cargo bike ever - and fastest! :-)
The Bullitt Clockwork bike at the Umwelt- und Technikhof der Stadt Rendsburg

The horn nestled inside the cargo hold. Bolted upside down to an angled metal plate.

Drivers will be unsuspecting as the horn isn't visible from this air port.


Horn button routed using one cable extension up to the handlebars so you can honk while you brake and maneuver to avoid an accident. 

We are committed to supporting the needs of cyclists with cargo bikes. The horn and cable extension can be bought from our store page here:

Happy biking!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Horn review for recumbent bicycles

We are excited to be featured in the upcoming Recumbent Bike Riders Community Hangout where backer Carl Kidd is going to be describing his experience so far using the Loud Bicycle horn.

Join the hangout live on Sun, Mar 1, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM by following this link:

For a preview take a look at the nice demonstration video he put together:

We are committed to supporting the needs of recumbent cyclists. We provide a button cable extensions which allow you to mount the horn in the optimal forward location and still keep the button right under your finger where it is safest. The horn and cable extension can be bought from our store page here:

Friday, January 30, 2015

If you had to choose car or bicycle...

Ken Franklin was interviewed by CBS news recently.
"If I had to give up my car or my bike ... i would give up the car."
Good news is he wouldn't have to give up his car horn!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fit on a recumbent trike

Thanks to the efforts of Loud Bicycle pioneering supporter Lenny Landau, we have a way to attach the horn to an ICE trike.

All-year-round bent rider Lenny says:
"I LOVE MY LOUD HORN!!! It like a bike helmet may never save my life, however, in those few instances when they are necessary, their value is priceless. The thing about the horn is that in addition to being a true safety accessory, it is fun honking friends, and showing it off to my friends and neighbors. I like the fact that it stays charged for a long time and I don't have to recharge it often as I had to do with my air horn. Even if it requires a monthly charge, it is far better than my air horn in that respect, and every other respect as well."
"I installed my horn on the vertical seat post of my ICE trike as planned. See the attached photo. It was a tight fit, but, it did fit, with clearance all around. Probably not the best place to install a horn, but in this case it is the only place. As long as I don't jump off whenever I honk I will be ok."

"The seat post diameter was a little small to snug up the horn so I wrapped the post with a section of an inner tube, which is my preferred method to protect the paint, and provide a compressible shim. I have not yet routed the button wire, but with the extension piece you provided, it appears that it will be long enough. I will use tie wraps to route the wire along the frame and the "handle bar". You can see in the photo why the charging plug is in an inconvenient location, and why a short jumper cable will be much easier for me to use.
"I was surprised with the grip length of the mounting screws, which take a long time to install in if you don't have a power screwdriver. I used the Phillips headed screws because with the long grip length as described above, using a screw driver was much easier than the wrench that you provided."

Lenny did a really fine job with the install, especially with the zip-ties to string up the button as you can see in this photo. To get Lenny's setup arranged for your recumbent you will need the Loud Bicycle Horn and one Button Cable Extension.

You can order the Loud bicycle horn and extension here, or return to the homepage for more information.

Fit on a Folding Bicycle

Thanks to the efforts of  Loud Bicycle pioneering supporters Anders Nygren, Davide Meneghetti‎ and Kent Randolph, we have two different ways to attach a Loud Bicycle horn to a Brompton folding bike.

Kent found the one place that the horn could fit horizontally without getting in the way of folding. He says:
"I'm not using the extension yet - it just barely reaches without it, although I'm thinking of using it so I can move the trigger higher on the handle bars. It's louder than my car's horn!"

Davide Meneghetti‎ took a different approach and mounted it to the stem. This method is less good for the water - resistance but so far it looks like it can work!

Anders from Sweden found a clever alternative solution to mounting, he said:
"I used the fastening holder from the smallest Brompton front bag modified it with a makeshift solution. The assembly is big but can be removed in an instant. I will use it in city traffic surroundings."

Set up to ride


If you choose to go with Anders solution you will need a Brompton front bag attachment and a makeshift strap. To use Davide Meneghetti‎'s solution you only need the horn, and for Kent's top-tube mount you need a horn and but a button cable extension cable will be helpful.

You can order the Loud bicycle horn here, or return to the homepage for more information.

Sunday, December 14, 2014