Saturday, June 27, 2015

Staying safe on your bicycle in a city

This was a good week for Loud Bicycle. This driver caught on video by a Loud cycler in DC was so flustered by the horn that they completely forgot they were planning on parking. This is exactly how the Loud Bicycle horn works, it jolts the drivers from "maneuver" mode into an ultra-safe mode where they don't do anything unpredictable.

Then out in Long Beach California the Loud Bicycle horn protected "Pedal Daily" and ensured that he can continue pedaling daily without an extended stay in a hospital.
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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Can using a car horn make a cyclist more courteous?

Cyclists have started hitting the streets with the Loud Bicycle car horn joining the ride. But how will the Loud Bicycle horn affect the way that people ride? The story that Kickstarter backer Glen Janken shared caught us by surprise.
I'm finding that the loud bicycle horn is actually making me a little more of a defensive rider. I really don't want to use it, it is very loud and can be kind of obnoxious. It is great to know that I have it available and when I have used it I found it to be very helpful. But not wanting to use it makes me think more as I'm riding of what the situation is and what I can do short of using the horn to prevent any problems. I did not expect this result. I think it is a good side effect.​
When I ride I wear a helmet, of course, a reflective yellow vest, I have two bright lights in the front, a super bright light in the back (which I use day time and night time), and lights on my wheels. The Loud Bicycle Horn kind of capped off my safety measures.
Glen commutes to work in Los Angeles, 13 miles roundtrip. Way to go Glen!

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Horn on Ice Trike Adventure FS

Chris from Portugal mounted horns for him and his wife on the back of their Adventure FS Ice Trikes with mesh seats.

Although this method works, be careful as they will not be water resistant with the tips pointing up like this so best not to use this method if you cycle in the rain.

He also used a more permanent means to attach the button as he describes:
You will note that the Velcro fitting supplied with the horn button is far too large for the narrow bars on our trikes and so we have used two narrow black cable ties. The horn button is easily pressed with the side of the hand whilst braking. They do work very well!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Horn quick release

Joe from Santa Fe invented a way to attach the Loud Bicycle horn with a quick-release.

He used these Long Handlebar "spacegrips" by Minoura which you can get on Amazon for less than twenty dollars.

To get the horn to be right-side-up he needed to add some plastic, which you can see in the bottom picture.

Joe says:
I rotated the extension arm so that it points vertical, and slid it all the way up. The arm diameter is small, so I cut two pieces of an old bike tube, and placed it on the arm, along with the extra pad provided with the horn. The handlebar end has a clear rubber strip to protect the handlebars from scratching. 
It took a little finaggling, since turning it upside down meant that the bottom of the snail & wiring were interfering with the handlebar extender mount. I wound up attaching a plastic pvc-like sleeve to make the bar extender longer. 

Narrowing the horn

Hayeden from Bay of Plenty, New Zealand felt his horn was too wide to fit where he wanted it, so he invented a solution.
Using some masking tape, I created a cutting line to trim the side of the horn back. I then trimmed it down with a hacksaw. I then used a metal file to round the corners and tidy up the cut. I then used a lighter to melt the edges to form a smooth factory like edge. This drastically thinned down the units profile and my legs no longer strike it when peddling. This trim job didn't harm the horns effectiveness at all and there is no chance of getting water trapped in the horn. I just have to loosen the screws to drop it down and charge it. I'll use a portable USB charger to recharge as required.

Photos attached of the final look. This may help other customers if caught in the same situation.
We think he did a really super job at making the final mod look really natural, as if it came this way. This photo shows how the horn is narrower by about an inch.

Here you can see the horn mounted on the bike below the seat where keeping it narrow is important.

To complete this post we also have to include a shot of his button which he also modified to fit better.
I cut the strap down and using the sewing machine skills I learnt when I was 11, managed to sew it back together with my sewing machine. Strong and now works well in its chosen position.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Horn on a fat tube bicycle

Alexander Andreev, One clever customer from Moscow invented a way to attach his Loud Bicycle horn to a tube wider than 1.5 inches in diameter.

The plate which usually goes on the bottom is permanently mounted on the upper side of the tube with zip ties. The horn can then be removed separately.

Read Alexander's description below:
The obvious problem of thicker downtube was solved with zip ties but it turned out to be tricky as the downtube was thicker and ovalish at the front and then became less so in the middle. It caused even tight mounting to become loose as due to constant shakes and bumps the horn "creeped" lower and lower. I am not an "urban warrior" type of rider but occasional drops from pavement and small potholes are unavoidable.
So far the best results were to mount the horn bracket "inwards" and pass a lot of zip ties between it and the horn before tightening the screws. Also I placed a bit of rubber where zip ties touch the downtube. After tightening everything the horn sits pretty well, completely unmovable by hand. This is still testing setup, I plan to add more rubber and try metal ties. The horn seems to remain dismountable by unscrewing the bracket without cutting ties but I'll test it further.
Also I am still searching the perfect spot for the button. I don't like it directly on the grip as it reduces "grippable" surface and might cause accidental honks.
Just wanted to share this. Sorry for not so clean bike - Moscow winter is not pretty :)
We have to note that his bike is pretty decked out with that speaker system.

To complete the overview, here is where Alex keeps the button.

Good luck with your fitting and let us know if you have questions info at