Saturday, August 12, 2017

How to Mount your Loud Bicycle Horn on a Folding Bike

What's not to love about a folding bike? It's elegant and makes storing and transporting your bike a breeze. Because our mission is to make biking safer for everyone, we're here to talk about how to mount a your horn on a folding bike.

Thanks to our amazing Loud Bicycle customers Anders Nygren, Davide Meneghetti‎, Kent Randolph, Moses Singer, Hartwig Leuer and Ty Smith, we know of multiple ways to attach a Loud Bicycle horn to a Brompton folding bike.

Recommended Strategy: Loud Mini

The strategy we recommend is brought to us by Moses Singer, who mounted his horn on the stem. This is the solution closest to a traditional mounting schema that we've seen. Moses used duct tape to make sure his horn doesn't knock against the stem while riding. Mounting it further off center is another good strategy. 

Recommended Strategy: Loud Classic

Kent found the one place that the Loud Classic could fit horizontally without getting in the way of folding. He said:
"I'm not using the extension yet - it just barely reaches without it, although I'm thinking of using it so I can move the trigger higher on the handle bars. It's louder than my car's horn!"

Alternative Solutions

Davide Meneghetti‎ took a different approach and mounted his Loud Classic to the stem. Although this method is less water-resistant (not ideal if you live in a rainy place), you don't need any extra materials to set it up, which is a plus!

Anders from Sweden found a clever solution. He said:
"I used the fastening holder from the smallest Brompton front bag modified it with a makeshift solution. The assembly is big but can be removed in an instant. I will use it in city traffic surroundings."
If you choose to go with Anders' solution you'll need a Brompton front bag attachment and a makeshift strap.

Ty Smith got pretty creative mounting his Loud Mini. With this method, your horn truly does not get in the way of folding! The Loud Mini here is actually resting on its side so as to not put too much stress on the mounting hardware. However, this method greatly reduces water resistance so it is not recommended for wet environments.

Finally, Hartwig Leuer mounted his Loud Mini upside-down using special third party mounting hardware! Although this is not a strategy we can officially recommend, we do encourage you to be creative and, ultimately, do what works best for you.

Have a success story about mounting your Loud Bicycle horn on your folding bike (or other nontraditional bike)? We'd love to hear about it! Drop us a line at

Happy biking!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Make your Loud Mini your Favorite Color (ft. a glow-in-the-dark horn)

At Loud Bicycle, our favorite color is orange. But we know you may want your horn to be green, red, yellow, or magenta.

Thanks to 3D printing technology, you can customize your horn in any color you like! Or, if you're not into DIY projects, order a piece at-cost directly from this website. 

Here is the 3D printable STL and here is this editable solid-works file. 

Customer Joseph Bryan-Goudie used 3D printing to create his aqua-colored horn. The best part? IT GLOWS IN THE DARK. Thanks for sharing, Joseph!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How to Mount your Loud Bicycle Horn on a Recumbent Bike or Trike

The recumbent trike has been around since the mid-1800s and is a great choice for many cyclists. The low profile of a recumbent can help riders maintain high speeds, but it can make it hard for other road users to see the rider! Because our mission is to keep all cyclists safe, we designed our horns for recumbent riders too.

Recommended Mounting Options

Mount your Loud Bicycle horn behind the seat so as not to interfere with pedaling. The button should be mounted on the handlebar as usual. Because of the extra distance between the button and the horn in this setup, you'll need the button cable extension. The photo below features a Loud Mini horn on a Catrike Dumont recumbent trike. The button cable extension is shown at the right.

The Loud Classic horn is trickier to mount. This photo shows the Classic nestled under the seat of an ICE Trike with the button cable neatly threaded to the handlebar.

You can order the horn and extension package for the Classic and Mini with one click using these direct links: Loud Classic, Loud Mini.

Shout-out to Loud Bicycle customers Richard Hopley and Lenny Landau for riding awesome trikes and for sharing their photos with us!

Alternative Mounting Options

Some of our customers have gotten creative with mounting their horns. Recumbent cyclist Carl Kidd put together this video showing the positioning of his Loud Classic.

Our customer David Hartley mounted his Loud Mini on an ICE recumbent trike using extension arms he purchased on Amazon. The arrow points to the button. Thanks, David!

Customer Jeremy Smoler mounted his Loud Mini on a Cruzbike Silvio. He used a spare GoPro strap and a button extension cable. We love this mounting solution!

If you're having trouble mounting your horn on your recumbent trike (or other nontraditional bicycle) get in touch with us at

Happy Biking!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Meet Lewis the Traffic Droid

Two summers ago, the BBC reported that the number of people biking in London had reached a record high. With so many bikes out on the streets, you’d expect London to be a haven for cyclists. But although the city has taken measures to make cycling accessible and safe, cycling remains a hazardous mode of transportation. That’s why Londoners like Lewis are taking action.

Lewis is a long-time London resident and biker, and his commitment to keeping his city’s roads safe has turned him into a local celebrity. Lewis alerts drivers using his (loud) droid horn, a method he believes helps give cyclists equal status on the road:
"Drivers expect cyclists to ride by the curb like little kids. The moment you have a horn, you are on the same par as the driver."
We love what Lewis stands for, and we especially love the red card he pulls out on bad drivers:
“It’s a universal sign saying, ‘you fouled.’”
Watch Lewis as he talks about making use of red cards and his horn to keep himself and others safe on the road.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Loud Bicycle horn saves person from Lyft driver veering to bike lane

A close call for William in San Francisco; faced with being run over in the bike lane and being run over in the road, thanks to his Loud Bicycle horn there was a third option:
"I honked at him and it got his attention" - William C.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Bicycle riding in space

There is no Loud Mini on this mini bicycle from NASA because it was designed for riding on the moon... and in the vacuum of space there are no bad drivers.
John B. Slight of the MSC Flight Support Division rides an original prototype of a lunar cycle under 1/6 gravity conditions aboard a KC-135 aircraft

Friday, February 3, 2017