Saturday, November 7, 2015

Loud Mini Kickstarter is live

We have worked closely with our manufacturer for three years building Loud Classic and preparing for Loud Mini. We are on our third iteration of the circuitry and each step has improved durability and reliability. We learned from experience that our manufacturer has high quality standards and we know how to work with their schedules to get our products shipped. Very excited for this next step for Loud Bicycle in the quest for making cycling safer.

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Knees hurting when you bike, here is how to fix it

This guy needs crutches to protect his healing knees, but the doctor said biking was OK. How can your knees be hurting if bicycle riding is easy on the knees?
TL;DR; Raise your seat!

Photo credit: Loud Bicycle (cc)

Your knee should be almost straight when your feet are at the bottom of the pedal cycle. If your knee is too bent, then you put unnecessary strain on it; as if you were doing a Kozachok dance for the duration of your ride. Raising your seat will make your knees straighter, give you more power and with less strain too.

Here is an example of a good seat height, you can see that her leg is almost completely straight as her pedal bottoms out. This position is really natural, the angle of her knee is pretty close to what it would be if she were walking.

Photo credit: Richard Masoner (cc)

But if you can take a bicycle selfie with both feet and the ground then your seat is probably too low (or your bike is too small). If your seat is at the proper height, you will probably need to hop off the seat in order to comfortably put your foot down.

Photo credit: torbakhopper (cc)

Why is standing up on your bike an easy way to get more power? One reason is because your leg stays straight the whole way down and you can put all your weight into the pedals. By raising your seat, you become a little bit closer to a standing position and you get that extra power all of the time.

Photo credit: FaceMePLS (cc)

You can get even more power if your bike has a very aggressive posture, then you can pull on the handlebars opposite to pushing with your leg, though this method isn't so comfortable.

If you have knee pain but you are sure your seat is not too low, your seat might actually be too high. A seat too high typically leads pain in the back of the knee because your knee is locking with each pedal cycle as your leg becomes too straight. With a seat too low, the knee pain will be at the front of the knee. If you still aren't sure where the pain comes from, don't accept it, step into any bike shop and they will help you out.

Happy biking!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

New T-Shirts for Loud Bicycle

Allison Johnston and Ellen Marcus did an amazing job again polishing off the T Shirt art and we really like the way it came out. The back will say “Ride softly and carry a big horn” and that is why we feel as cool as Teddy Roosevelt looks in this graphic. Thanks to the Loud Bicycle community for all your suggestions and votes about the design.

You can order the shirts over at our shopify page here:
If you add a horn to your order then shipping for the T-Shirt is free.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bicycles with style

Some beautiful loud bikes from around the world.

A surly bike in Indonesia.

A lovely European style bike in Belgium.

A Classic Raleigh bike in England.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Green WWII style Bicycle Horn

Clifford from San Diego painted his Loud Bicycle horn and we think it looks awesome! This is a work-in-progress as you can see the button cable is still hanging free. We're looking forward to seeing how it comes out!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Staying safe on your bicycle in a city

This was a good week for Loud Bicycle. This driver caught on video by a Loud cycler in DC was so flustered by the horn that they completely forgot they were planning on parking. This is exactly how the Loud Bicycle horn works, it jolts the drivers from "maneuver" mode into an ultra-safe mode where they don't do anything unpredictable.

Then out in Long Beach California the Loud Bicycle horn protected "Pedal Daily" and ensured that he can continue pedaling daily without an extended stay in a hospital.
We have our horns in stock today, you can order them online in our bicycle horn store.