Friday, June 5, 2015

Horn quick release

Joe from Santa Fe invented a way to attach the Loud Bicycle horn with a quick-release.

He used these Long Handlebar "spacegrips" by Minoura which you can get on Amazon for less than twenty dollars.

To get the horn to be right-side-up he needed to add some plastic, which you can see in the bottom picture.

Joe says:
I rotated the extension arm so that it points vertical, and slid it all the way up. The arm diameter is small, so I cut two pieces of an old bike tube, and placed it on the arm, along with the extra pad provided with the horn. The handlebar end has a clear rubber strip to protect the handlebars from scratching. 
It took a little finaggling, since turning it upside down meant that the bottom of the snail & wiring were interfering with the handlebar extender mount. I wound up attaching a plastic pvc-like sleeve to make the bar extender longer. 

1 comment:

  1. Sweet! While I wouldn't mount something as heavy that high I like the idea. I would advice to try mounting it like this below handlebar, not above. It will have less impact on handling and produce less air resistance.

    Should be a little easier on rider's ears too :)