Sunday, June 14, 2015

Can using a car horn make a cyclist more courteous?

Cyclists have started hitting the streets with the Loud Bicycle car horn joining the ride. But how will the Loud Bicycle horn affect the way that people ride? The story that Kickstarter backer Glen Janken shared caught us by surprise.
I'm finding that the loud bicycle horn is actually making me a little more of a defensive rider. I really don't want to use it, it is very loud and can be kind of obnoxious. It is great to know that I have it available and when I have used it I found it to be very helpful. But not wanting to use it makes me think more as I'm riding of what the situation is and what I can do short of using the horn to prevent any problems. I did not expect this result. I think it is a good side effect.​
When I ride I wear a helmet, of course, a reflective yellow vest, I have two bright lights in the front, a super bright light in the back (which I use day time and night time), and lights on my wheels. The Loud Bicycle Horn kind of capped off my safety measures.
Glen commutes to work in Los Angeles, 13 miles roundtrip. Way to go Glen!

The Loud Bicycle horn is available only at the Loud Bicycle Store.

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  1. The same thing happened to me. In traffic I found myself trying to avoid possible dangerous situations rather than using the horn to defend my right of way and blasting my way through. I would return home on countless occasions without having blown the horn a single time during my ride.
    What finally brought me to my senses was when I was in the bus lane of a one way street and three women, talking and not looking, started to cross in front of me. Since they didn't "hear" me they didn't even bother to look. I was so close to them when this happened that I didn't want to blow the horn and I ended up on the ground with just a few scratches.