Friday, March 6, 2015

Buillitt Cargo Bike Loud Horn Fitting

Loud Bicycle horns are a natural on cargo bicycles. Niels Faust from Germany mounted his horn discretely and elegantly on a beautiful Bullitt Clockwork Cargo bike so we wanted to share it with you. Wait for the end of the video to hear the horn ... and the echo!

From Niels:
loudest cargo bike ever - and fastest! :-)
The Bullitt Clockwork bike at the Umwelt- und Technikhof der Stadt Rendsburg

The horn nestled inside the cargo hold. Bolted upside down to an angled metal plate.

Drivers will be unsuspecting as the horn isn't visible from this air port.


Horn button routed using one cable extension up to the handlebars so you can honk while you brake and maneuver to avoid an accident. 

We are committed to supporting the needs of cyclists with cargo bikes. You can order the Loud bicycle horn and extension here, or return to the homepage for more information.

Happy biking!

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