Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Credit where credit is due

Getting ready for the Thursday launch,
We are really grateful for all the help we have received:
First a humongous thanks goes to Kara Brickman, Eli Lansey, Nathan Schurr and Christina Xu for their expert help.

The video was quite a production with a lot of people contributing various parts.
For the video sections Rocky Acosta was the filmographer, Lily Peck was the driver for the biking scenes, Ofer Tamir helped with some animation. Daniel Martin took some photos of Jen Woo and Sergey Galkin took the photo of Andrew at Princeton. Sound equipment was borrowed from sound engineer Jared Detsikas.

Music was provided by a great Boston-based band Darlingside, we used two tracks of theirs surround and the catbird seat. You can listen to all their songs here and buy them too. They really went out of the way to provide a instrumental version and we really appreciate it. The piano track was tetrahedral dice by Alan Stewart, the same one we used on our horn-testing video.

When preparing a Kickstarter campaign, there are quite a few variables to account for. When doing the initial estimates we used an awesome Kickstarter calculator made by an equally awesome person Reuben Pressman. If you are considering running a campaign you should definitely give it a go.

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