Friday, June 5, 2015

Narrowing the horn

Hayeden from Bay of Plenty, New Zealand felt his horn was too wide to fit where he wanted it, so he invented a solution.
Using some masking tape, I created a cutting line to trim the side of the horn back. I then trimmed it down with a hacksaw. I then used a metal file to round the corners and tidy up the cut. I then used a lighter to melt the edges to form a smooth factory like edge. This drastically thinned down the units profile and my legs no longer strike it when peddling. This trim job didn't harm the horns effectiveness at all and there is no chance of getting water trapped in the horn. I just have to loosen the screws to drop it down and charge it. I'll use a portable USB charger to recharge as required.

Photos attached of the final look. This may help other customers if caught in the same situation.
We think he did a really super job at making the final mod look really natural, as if it came this way. This photo shows how the horn is narrower by about an inch.

Here you can see the horn mounted on the bike below the seat where keeping it narrow is important.

To complete this post we also have to include a shot of his button which he also modified to fit better.
I cut the strap down and using the sewing machine skills I learnt when I was 11, managed to sew it back together with my sewing machine. Strong and now works well in its chosen position.

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