Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fit on a Folding Bicycle

Thanks to the efforts of  Loud Bicycle pioneering supporters Anders Nygren, Davide Meneghetti‎ and Kent Randolph, we have two different ways to attach a Loud Bicycle horn to a Brompton folding bike.

Kent found the one place that the horn could fit horizontally without getting in the way of folding. He says:
"I'm not using the extension yet - it just barely reaches without it, although I'm thinking of using it so I can move the trigger higher on the handle bars. It's louder than my car's horn!"

Davide Meneghetti‎ took a different approach and mounted it to the stem. This method is less good for the water - resistance but so far it looks like it can work!

Anders from Sweden found a clever alternative solution to mounting, he said:
"I used the fastening holder from the smallest Brompton front bag modified it with a makeshift solution. The assembly is big but can be removed in an instant. I will use it in city traffic surroundings."

Set up to ride


If you choose to go with Anders solution you will need a Brompton front bag attachment and a makeshift strap. To use Davide Meneghetti‎'s solution you only need the horn, and for Kent's top-tube mount you need a horn and but a button cable extension cable will be helpful.

You can order a Loud Bicycle horn at the Loud Bicycle Store.


  1. Was thrilled to come across this! Unfortunately I have the Loud Mini and am trying to figure out a spot to mount it to my Brompton. Any advice? Especially pictures? Thanks!

    1. Hi! We are working on a blog post with a few options for mounting the Mini on a Brompton. In the meantime here are two examples. Both need a little padding to work.
      This one is recommended
      But this one doesn't interfere with folding at all which is nice (but really requires support from the bottom